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Juan Roberto Diago Durruthy

Juan Roberto Diago Durruthy ("Diago") was born and raised in Havana. Today he is one of Cuba's foremost contemporary artists whose works are included in private and public collections worldwide. Diago's pieces frequently channel Cuba's legacy of slavery and focuses on the disadvantages Afro-Cubans still face in contemporary Cuba. Christie's has called Juan Roberto Diago "critically and commercially Cuba's most successful artist".  Click here:

Recently on view at Harvard University's Gallery of African and African American Art: 
"Diago: The Pasts of this Afro-Cuban Present"
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Untitled 1(Torso with Necklace) 2015 mixed media on canvas, 51x39.5
Untitled 2 (Face with Seam) 2015, 31.5x24 mixed media on canvas
Untitled 3 (Face with Seam) 2014, mixed media on canvas, 31.5x24
Un Lugar en el Mundo, mixed media on wood, 47x31, 2009
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