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Jose Garcia Montebravo, works  on paper - cuban art collection
Jose Garcia Montebravo, works on paper

Jose Garcia Montebravo (1953-2010), from Cienfuegos, Cuba, was a self-taught painter who is known for his strong portrayals of religious figures, especially the Cuban orishas, or Santeria deities. Many of his works depict birds, animals and the lush Cuban plant life yet he painted with such strength and expression that they suggest allegorical or religious symbols as well.


 More works by this artist are available than shown in this portfolio.




Monte Soy, watercolor and pen on paper, 2005, 25.5x18
Noveleros, watercolor on paper, 2006, 10x8.5
Que Viva Chango, mixed media on paper, 2003, 19.5x25.5
Conjunto de Propuestas, watercolor on paper, 2005, 10x8.5
El Ilustre Academico, pen and ink on paper, 2006, 12x8.5
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