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Salvador Gonzalez Escalona - cuban art collection
Salvador Gonzalez Escalona

Salvador Gonzalez Escalona lives and works in Havana. While his work is known as "Afro-Cuban" style, Salvador himself describes it as a mix of surrealism, cubism and abstract art. In 1990 he began murals and sculptures in the Callejón de Hamel alleyway near the University of Havana, using scrap objects like bathtubs, hand pumps, pin wheels,  and any kind of available paint. Despite initial difficulties he was inspired by local inhabitants and visitors to continue his work, and by now the street has been transformed from a dilapidated residential block into a vibrant Afro-Cuban cultural space and street art gallery.


Eleggua, mixed media, 23x35x2.5, 2007
Eleggua, mixed media on paperThis mixed media paintin, 23x35x2.5, 2007
Oshosi, metal and paint, 21x32, 2006
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