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Untitled 9 (
Untitled 9 ("Huellas"), mixed media on canvas, 23.5x31.5, 2013      [ Buy ]

Juan Roberto Diago Durruthy

This intriguing, richly textured canvas by Roberto Diago belongs to the 2013 series "Huellas" (tracks or footprints) and, as much of his work, it addresses the theme of slavery and its lasting imprint on contemporary Cuban life and culture.
Siempre Juntos, mixed media on canvas, 2007, 51x 39.5
Untitled 7 (Dios Cuida tu Casa), mixed media on wood, 31x47, 2009
La Habana, mixed media on canvas and wood, 2004, 20x16
Untitled 8 (Flower) 2004, 17x18, mixed media on canvas, wood
Untitled 9 ("Huellas"), mixed media on canvas, 23.5x31.5, 2013
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