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Roberto Diago

This mixed media painting by Juan Roberto Diago ("Diago"), like many of his pieces, makes reference to his Afro-Cuban roots and the fact that even in Cuba, blacks have less power, and less of a voice, than the mostly white power structure. Thus many of his "black" faces, which evoke African masks, have no mouths.
Untitled 1(Torso with Necklace) 2015 mixed media on canvas, 51x39.5
Untitled (Barcos en el Horizonte), mixed media on wood, 31x47, 2009
Untitled 4 (Cielo), mixed media and paint on canvas, 2006, 38.5x25.5
Untitled 2 (Face with Seam) 2015, 31.5x24 mixed media on canvas
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