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"El Iris" series #1 (Jane Russell), mixed media on metal, 8x10.5, 2016      [ Buy ]

Kadir Lopez

Before the Cuban revolution, “El Iris”, founded in Havana in 1855 and operating until the mid-1950’s, was Cuba’s largest fire insurance company. Its oval porcelain fire marks became ubiquitous in Havana and other Cuban cities starting in the 19th century. Kadir Lopez frequently incorporates salvaged vintage advertising signs like this one into his work, superimposing nostalgic pre-revolutionary images (in this case glamorous Hollywood stars) onto them with a sense of irony as decades after the revolution both Cubans and foreign visitors are mining the by now romanticized past of the island. 

To view the original firemark prototype, click here 

Wells Fargo and Co. - "Hotel Riviera Gambling", verso
"Teatro Rodi", 48x38x2, acrylic on canvas with neon lettering
"El Iris" series #1 (Jane Russell), mixed media on metal, 8x10.5, 2016
"El Iris" series #2 (Ida Lupino), mixed media on metal, 8x10.5, 2016
Wells Fargo and Co. - "Club Tropicana Roulette", 21x23, 2015
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