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Kadir Lopez  - cuban art collection
Kadir Lopez

Kadir Lopez Nieves is an internationally known Havana based contempory artist whose works include paintings, sculpture, prints and mixed media. In much of his work, photos, other images and symbols belonging to his native island are “recovered” and transformed through techniques including collage and photo transfers, thus stripping nostalgic content from historic images and leaving them open to new interpretations. In his recent series Signs he repurposes porcelain-lacquered metal advertising signs from pre-revolutionary Cuba by transferring black-and-white photographs onto them, again providing a more complicated and at times ironic reading of the island's history.
Signs: “Y Tome...Materva”, mixed media on metal, 2016, 12x15.7
Signs: “Y Tome...Materva”, mixed media on metal, 2016, 12x15.7 (verso)
Untitled ("Palimpsesto"),  photo transfer on aluminum, 2014, 16x24
Untitled ("Palimpsesto"), mixed media on aluminum SOLD
Wells Fargo and Co. - "Hotel Riviera Gambling", 21x23, 2015
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