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Roberto Diago

This mixed media painting by Juan Roberto Diago ("Diago"), like many of his pieces, makes reference to his Afro-Cuban roots and the fact that even in Cuba, blacks have less power, and less of a voice, than the mostly white power structure. Thus many of his "black" faces, which evoke African masks, have no mouths.
Untitled 1(Torso with Necklace) 2015 mixed media on canvas, 51x39.5
Untitled 2 (Face with Seam) 2015, 31.5x24 mixed media on canvas
Untitled (Barcos en el Horizonte), mixed media on wood, 31x47, 2009
Untitled 4 (Cielo), mixed media and paint on canvas, 2006, 38.5x25.5
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