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About Us

Beate Echols has written and lectured on art from the Americas and self-taught artists since 1995, both in New York City and elsewhere. Since the late 1980's she and her partner, Michael Shub, have collected Latin American art and, more recently, art from Cuba. They live in New York City.

Beginning in 2005, we started to tap into the riches and diversity of Cuban art. Until fairly recently, due to political factors and travel restrictions, not much was known in the United States about the contemporary Cuban art scene, or the works of visual artists living and working in Cuba today, while Cuban art was thriving in European, Latin American and other international art markets. Today Cuban art is being collected world-wide, including in the United States. 

Our own Cuban art collection showcases a variety of artists, both trained and autodidacts, who are living and working in Cuba. Many are internationally know and show regularly in European and other foreign art venues. Among them are Juan Roberto Diago, Kadir Lopez, Rigoberto Mena, Jose Montebravo, Joel Jover, Luis Alberto Copperi, Salvador Gonzalez, and others. While many or most of these artists address themes reflecting aspects of the island’s cultural context and its African heritage (such as Santería, racial identity, vestiges of colonialism) or explore symbols and metaphors relevant to Cuba’s unique geo-political position, complex history or present-day challenges, they do so in many different ways, each in their own style and using their own visual language which ranges from "cutting edge" sophisticated/contemporary,  to the surreal, to the “naïf”. The Cuban artists featured here work with oils, acrylics, collage, found objects, on canvas, wood, paper, and other media.  

Most recently we have added a portfolio of Cuban "Outsider" or "Brut" artists to our collection - those creators who are working outside the parameters of the "art world" or are isolated from the conventions of society due to mental disabilities. 

We will be happy to send you additional images, dimensions and prices, and background information about a particular piece, an art form, or an artist. And, of course, we value your comments, questions and suggestions.

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